3 Simple Ways to Build a Powerful Resume

April 16, 2021
By Jordan Mantel, M.A. CCC-SLP

Writing a resume can be a daunting task. Here’s the situation I always see.

Typically, the clients I work with face two obstacles:

  1. They wake up every morning dreading going to work. Boss is micromanaging 24/7, underpaid, overworked, no company culture.... You catch my drift!
  2. Things didn’t work out with their previous employer so now they need a new career quickly and they are scrambling!

First they start thinking “where should I apply”... But then they remember...“Dang.. I can’t get a job without a resume.” Oh wait... their last resume was written years ago and has lost all relevance or they deleted it after getting the last job thinking they would never need it again. Great.. Time to spend hours trying to figure out what a perfect resume is supposed to look like. As they apply to companies, they don’t get the responses they desire- so they begin questioning if the resume they wrote is going to cut it. I know this situation because this is my profession and I have seen it over a thousand times at this point! With that being said... I wanted to give three simple points to make it easier on you when writing a resume that will attract the attention of recruiters!

Point 1

Be Specific with Data.

Recruiters don’t just want to see your general qualities that you (and every other candidate) possess. They want to see specifics! This means you need to buckle down and think about the ACTION you took, tasks you accomplished, and the RESULT of that task you completed.

Point 2

Utilize Keywords & Beat ATS.

Most ATS (Applicant Tracking System) recruiting software will weed people out based on the content in their resume. For example, if they are looking for an experienced Account Executive, they will immediately look for keywords in regard to length of experience. So... throw in some industry-related words that match the job descriptions you want to apply for!

Point 3

Tailor it Towards the Opportunity.

A big mistake I constantly see is when people send the exact same resume to dozens of companies. Be sure to make edits based on EACH company you apply to. Yes this requires work, but most of the time it is quick. I can’t tell you how often I see people applying to specific positions with a resume that is tailored for an entirely different position. This makes you look lazy and it will not trigger the ATS keywords referenced in point #2.

There are hundreds of points that go into building the best resume but I hope these three simple points have helped out. I am always open and would love to help you land your dream job. CareerCap Resumes has been recognized multiple times as the best resume writing service in San Diego! Reach out to me at 619-370-6687 or jordan@careercapresumes.com with questions or inquiries.

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