How Do I Land Quality Job Interviews?

April 29, 2021
By Jordan Mantel, M.A. CCC-SLP

You have been searching for a new career for a while but you don’t want to run into the same situation over and over... You wake up wishing you could snooze your alarm all morning to avoid your “job”.

I’ve been there. I hear about it all the time. There’s not much you can do because it’s paying the bills and you’re nervous to restart from scratch somewhere else. Plus, who wants to go through the interview process all over again?

But something finally triggers you to make the jump! You make the promise that you are going to attack the market and find a new career that truly makes you happy.

You go online and you find a few companies but none really interest you until you finally come across what seems to be a dream!

It’s close to your home yet allows you to work from home at leisure, it’s pet friendly, has great benefits, super competitive salary, with great reviews online and the website makes the team look really engaged and fun!

Well.. now’s your chance. You need to ACE every part of the application and interview process to be sure that you land this dream job!!

I'm going to talk to you about one simple part today which is how to get the first interview but the most important rule is that you CANNOT BE AFRAID TO REACH OUT TO YOUR NETWORK. Call your shot - and then shoot it!

Tips to getting the first interview:

#1 – As I always preach, have a strong resume and cover letter (yes... you need a cover letter) and be sure that it is tailored to the place you are applying. Without the resume and cover letter, you will never give yourself a chance to get the first interview.

#2 – Go on LinkedIn and find out who is the person responsible for hiring for your position. Type in the company name on LinkedIn and search for people that have the company’s name attached to their profile. It’s typically pretty easy to find dozens of people at the company. In an ideal scenario you will come across the hiring manager or HR person.

#3 -- Message the individual. When you do this, be sure to be friendly and to come off as a professional who can provide value to the company. You need to make sure your grammar is correct and that you have proper spacing between your paragraphs so it is easy to read. I typically advise every 2-3 sentences to break it into a new paragraph. You are excited about the opportunity because you believe in the company’s mission/culture and believe that you can genuinely bring value!

#4 – If you cannot find the right person, then message someone else in the company who might be able to get your foot in the door. I have seen this work many times because people often get a referral bonus if they bring someone into the company. Worst thing that happens is that you don’t get a response! If you don’t go for it, you will never land it.

#5 – Look for a recruiter on LinkedIn as well to see if they can get your foot in the door. Recruiters can be great because they make money if you get hired so they will fight for you! Again, you will need a strong resume to back you.

#6 – Apply multiple times if you don’t hear a response. You are your own personal marketer! Keep that in mind. If you only apply once, don’t get a response, and just start complaining about how you aren’t getting a job then you need to look in the mirror. Keep attacking!

There are so many ways to find your way in – you can even visit the office in person which people really never do anymore. Get creative and push through adversity and you will land that first interview.

I’m always here to help and would love to see what I can do for you if you need assistance!


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