Relationship Development is at the Heart of all Success

January 7, 2022
By Jordan Mantel, M.A. CCC-SLP

San Diego!

Wow, what a crazy year 2021 was. I hope you all found personal and professional success this past year. I’m excited for what 2022 has to offer! 

My motto for 2022 is simple: BE BETTER.

I can’t state how much I appreciate all of CareerCap’s clients and future job seekers. The heart of my business is showcasing the undeniable professional value you provide to the job market. The trust that you guys give me means the world.

Anyways, let’s hop into some tips to make you stand out in your job search that DON’T directly relate to the creation of your resume or cover letter:

  1. Personalize everything

Send out follow-up emails, thank you letters, LinkedIn messages, or even drop off a hand-written note to the Hiring Manager. I can’t tell you how important these small actions are! Personalize a message to show you care.

  1. Do your research

Dig deep into the companies that you have interviews with. When I say deep… know them inside and out. Come prepared with 5-10 questions that demonstrate your due diligence. 

  1. Google yourself

What comes up? Your social media? LinkedIn? Projects you have worked on? Make sure your online presence is leveraged for visibility and credibility. We are naive to think that Hiring Managers are not ‘googling’ candidate names.

**Bonus Tip:

If you receive a message that starts with “thank you for your interest, but….” then do this:

Respond back to the message with a thank you note that offers a token of gratitude. Show thanks and you may be rewarded in the future. 

There’s one common theme in all of the above tips: BE PERSONABLE.

I’m always rooting for you. Call me with any questions at (619) 370-6687. 

Let’s gooo!


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