The Job Market is Going Insane

April 5, 2022
By Jordan Mantel, M.A. CCC-SLP

I can’t help but think back to March 2020 when we were in a global panic and millions of Americans were being laid off… 

Two years later, we have recouped almost ALL of the employment losses caused by COVID-19 (1% away). 

But why does it feel like professionals are still struggling in our current market?

Well, gas prices have gone bonkers because of the current geo-political climate, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates, and inflation is at an all-time high.

I was in New York City two weeks ago where I paid $55.65 for six slices of pizza and three drinks. That’s nuts!

So how can we combat inflation?

1. Ask for a raise

Guys… I have clients being hired and offered 15-30% ABOVE their market pay. Employers simply can’t keep a team in place because of the insane salary and benefits packages being offered. Now is the time to ask for a raise! Your employer will SAVE money by giving you a 5-10% raise instead of hiring a new employee. Don’t be afraid to see what is out there. We are in a full-blown candidate market right now so take advantage. 

2. Find a new job

If your employer won't give you a raise, then seek a raise yourself and find a new opportunity. There are PLENTY right now...

Here’s a recent review!

“ I was able to land a job that pays 20K more than I was making at the time and couldn’t have done it without Jordan’s help. Strongly recommend CareerCap Resumes!"

3. Start a side hustle

Take on a second job, invest in real estate, flip items on Facebook Marketplace, or start a business! It has never been easier to make money online. You can even get paid to do online surveys… crazy!

4. Put your money to work

Diversify your investments.... Educate yourself on the stock market, invest in income-producing assets, and invest in yourself. 

The best time to take action was 20 years ago so we have no choice but to better ourselves. Leverage your professional skill set to fulfill your dreams, career goals, and financial goals.

As always, I’m happy to support you along your career journey. Call me anytime at (619) 370-6687 with questions or if you would like to chat. 

I’m rooting for you.


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